Journal Article

K. Mathwig, W. Kaiser, A. Somers, J. P. Reithmaier, A. Forchel, K. Ohira, S. M. Ullah and S. Arai
DFB Lasers With Deeply Etched Vertical Grating Based on InAs–InP Quantum-Dash Structures
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 19 (2007) 264.

Distributed feedback lasers with first-order vertical grating based on AlInGaAs-InAs-InP quantum-dash lasers were fabricated by electron beam lithography and Cl2-Ar reactive ion etching with an electron cyclotron resonance source. Low threshold currents and single-mode operation with sidemode suppression ratios of 48 dB and a direct modulation bandwidth of 5.5 GHz were demonstrated.