Conference Proceedings

N. Haandbæk, K. Mathwig, R. Streichan, N. Goedecke, S. C. Bürgel, F. Heer and A. Hierlemann
Characterization of Cell Phenotype using Dynamic Vision Sensor and Impedance Spectroscopy
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Science, Seattle, USA, Oct. 2 – 6 (2011) 1236.

This paper reports on an improved method for characterizing single cells within a microfluidic channel, which combines the output of a Dynamic Vision Sensor camera with data from a differential impedance spectroscopy measurement. The combination of optical and impedance data allows the size, shape and position of the cells to be determined in addition to their dielectric properties. Here, we demonstrate the utility of the method by discriminating between normal and budding yeast cells.