Conference Proceedings

S. Sarkar, K. Mathwig, S. Kang, A. F. Nieuwenhuis and S. G. Lemay
Electrochemical Nanofluidic Assays in the Absence of Reference Electrode
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Science, San Antonio, USA, Oct. 26 – 30 (2014) 2122.

microtas14_bImplementing a reliable reference electrode in miniaturized electrochemical sensors is challenging. Here, we present an alternative approach, based on redox cycling within a nanogap sensor consisting of two parallel electrodes, in which the reference electrode is omitted altogether. We show that on disconnection of the reference electrode, the solution potential floats to a certain value, which is explored theoretically and experimentally in order to quantitatively predict the potential. The obtained results are in good agreement with the theoretically reconstituted results.