Publication: Amperometric Monitoring of Dissolution of pH-Responsive EUDRAGIT® Polymer Film Coatings

J. Mestres, F. Leonardi, K. Mathwig, Micromachines 13 (2022) 362. [link, pdf]

Electrochemical sensors are powerful tools for the detection and real-time monitoring of a wide variety of analytes. However, the long-term operation of Faradaic sensors in complex media is challenging due to fouling. The protection of the electrode surface during in vivo operation is a key element for improving the monitoring of analytes. Here, we study different EUDRAGIT® controlled release acrylate copolymers for protecting electrode surfaces. The dissolution of these polymers—namely EUDRAGIT® L 30 D-55 and EUDRAGIT® FS 30 D—is triggered by a change in pH of the environment, and it is electrochemically monitored by detecting electrode access by means of a redox probe. The full dissolution of the polymer is achieved within 30 min and the electrode response indicates a complete recovery of the original electrochemical performance. We demonstrate that amperometric sensing is a practical and straightforward technique for real-time and in situ sensing of EUDRAGIT® dissolution profiles. It will find future applications in determining the protection of polymer electrode coating in real matrices and in vivo applications.