Publication: Microscale Ionic Diodes: An Overview

B. R. Putra, L. Tshwenya, M. A. Buckingham, J. Chen, K. J. Aoki, K. Mathwig, O. A. Arotiba, A. K. Thompson and F. Marken, Electroanalysis 33 (2021) 1398. [link, pdf]

Ionic rectifier membranes or devices generate uni‐directional ion transport to convert an alternating current (AC) ion current input into stored energy or direct current (DC) in the form of ion/salt gradients. Electrochemical experiments 80 years ago were conducted on biological membrane rectifier systems, but today a plethora of artificial ionic rectifier types has been developed and electroanalytical tools are employed to explore mechanisms and performance. This overview focuses on microscale ionic rectifiers with a comparison to nano‐ and macroscale ionic rectifiers. The potential is surveyed for applications in electrochemical analysis, desalination, energy harvesting, electrochemical synthesis, and in selective ion extraction.